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In this article, you will read about the summary of a letter to God. The author of the story “A Letter to God” is G.L. Fuentes. He was one of the greatest writers of that time. He was also a Mexican poet, novelist and journalist. The story revolves around the idea of ​​having unquestioning faith in God. Here the story is taking place in a Latin American country.

Lencho, a farmer who is the protagonist of the story, writes a letter to God. In the letter, he seeks help from the Almighty as he learns that his entire crop has been destroyed by a devastating hailstorm. Although his wishes are partially fulfilled, but not completely, he remains ungrateful in the end. Furthermore, he questions the integrity and decency of the post-masters. However, these were the only beings who actually helped him with money (anonymously) in the name of God.

Summary of A Letter to God

Lencho’s Hope of Good Harvest

Lencho was a farmer who lived on the crest (peak) of a low hill with his family. His field was full of ripe corn. He was eagerly waiting for a good rain to have a good harvest so he could earn money for his family.

Lencho’s Hope Turned into Despair

One day, it started raining at the time of supper (dinner). This made Lencho happy. The raindrops falling from the sky were like new coins for Lencho. However, suddenly strong winds began to blow and hailstones started to fall. The storm continued for about an hour and the corn fields were completely destroyed.

Lencho’s Firm Belief in God

Though Lencho was a poor farmer and had lost all his crops, he had firm faith in God. He found in God his last hope and decided to write a letter to God for help. He asked God to send him a hundred pesos so that he could sow his field again and support his family until the new crops were harvested.

The Postmaster’s Reaction to Lencho’s Letter

In the post office, a postman found the Lencho’s letter and laughed after seeing the address on it. He took the letter to the postmaster. The postmaster was kind and friendly person. He realised that the sender (Lencho) had a firm belief and faith in God. So, he decided to help the sender.

To help and keep the faith of Lencho in God, the postmaster requested his employees and friends to give some money. He also gave a part of his salary. But, he failed to collect hundred pesos and collected only seventy pesos. He, then put the money in an envelope and signed it as God.

Lencho Receives the Money

When, Lencho got his letter, he became happy to see the money but after counting the money
he became angry. It was seventy pesos while he had asked for hundred pesos.

Lencho Writes Another Letter

Lencho believed that God could not make a mistake. So, he wrote a letter again. The postmaster took out his letter and read it. In this Letter, Lencho had written that he had
received only 70 pesos and requested God to send the remaining money. He also requested
God not to send the money through post because the post office employees were a bunch
of crooks (dishonest persons), who might have stolen his money.

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A Letter to God – FAQs

What is the theme of a letter to God?

The story discusses the power of innocent faith in God by a man and how is able to accomplish his want through it. The story ends with an irony. The story talks about Lencho, the main character who is a farmer and has immense faith in God.

Who is the main character sketch of a letter to God?

Lencho is the main character of the story “The Letter to God.” by GL Fuentes. He is a poor farmer who is the sole bread-earner of the family.


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